05 September, 2006

Free Agent again!

Well, as of last Wednesday, I am once again between contracts. Now I'm in that edgy yet enjoyable time, when the only pressure I have is to get those things done that I've been putting off due to work, and finding the next contract (or job, I ain't picky!). Another pressure that is still a zephyr by comparison is preparation for Nerd Tour 2007:Japan! beginning August 2007. At least, for now it's set to start sometime in August, schedules tend to be a bit fluid this far in advance. I'm still taking Japanese classes at George Mason University, just started JAPA 330. じゃ、このクラスはとても大変ですが、私は日本語を習っています。でも、それをもっとゆっくり習っていますよ!

My friend Speaker-to-Animals and I are going to Japan together, but he's taking a more laissez-faire approach to learning Japanese, mainly "Ah, I'll read a book about it on the plane on the way over!" I have this feeling that we're going to be re-creating some kind of "Road to" movie, like Bing Crosby and Bob Hope! Or Abbot and Costello, even! Poor Japan, they have no idea what's about to hit them! :-)


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